How to Quickly Type Funny Unicode Characters in Firefox

Unicode is a system that assigns a unique number for every printable character in different languages of the world. Using Unicode, you can type any character in Windows (or other operating systems). Typically in Windows, you press the the Alt key and press the Unicode number of a character on the numpad in order to type it. But this means that you either have to remember all the characters or you have to consult a chart of Unicode characters. Now you can use the Fun Characters add-on for Firefox using which you can type the funny character quickly in any text field.

The Fun Characters add-on for Firefox shows you a drop-down list of all the funny characters from which you can choose one and it would be typed in the text field. You can download and install it from its Mozilla add-ons page. The add-on requires you to restart Firefox, after which you are ready to use it. Just right-click in any text field and select Fun Characters sub-menu. You can select funny characters from many categories.

How to Quickly Type Funny Unicode Characters in Firefox

The add-on shows characters divided into many categories like smileys, love, music, flowers, stars, circles, triangles, chess, zodiac and more. In total there are 248 characters to choose from. In addition, you can also add your own characters in the add-on settings. You have to add one character per line. You can use the Windows Character Map utility to find the characters you may want to add to the list.

How to Quickly Type Funny Unicode Characters in Firefox

The Fun Characters add-on is a great tool to add those fancy characters in your facebook, twitter or other blog posts. You can use them in your nickname too. You can also use this add-on on Yahoo! answers where you can easily use these funny characters in your answers or questions, especially in the science or mathematics section.

You can download and install Fun Characters add-on from

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