How to Tell if a Website is Taking Part in PRISM Spy Program

There is a news that the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States has been monitoring users activities through a secret collaboration with many corporations like Google, Facebook, Yahoo! and so on. This spy project is code-named PRISM. This has started a wave of fear and outrage among the common Internet users who feel cheated and defiled. Many Internet users are steering clear from using these websites which allow NSA unbounded access to their servers in order to monitor and analyze the activities of every Internet user that uses their services. But how do you find if a website is involved in the PRISM project? Thanks to the a Firefox add-on called Dark Side of the Prism, now you can be notified if you are visiting such a PRISM participating website.

You can download and install the Dark Side of the Prism add-on in Firefox from its Mozilla add-on webpage. The installation does not require you to restart Firefox, so you can start using it right away. After the installation, you can keep using Firefox to surf the Internet as you usually do. As soon as you visit a website that has been under surveillance by NSA, you would see a little notification showing the picture of the light dispersing through a prism with dark background. If you look closely, at then end of the dispersed light colors you would see the logo of NSA.

How to Tell if a Website is Taking Part in PRISM Spy Program

The notification image is displayed only for a few seconds before it disappears. It also plays the songs from the album titled Dark Side of the Moon performed by Pink Floyd in 1973. The notification is good but the playing of the songs non-stop each time you open these websites, can annoy you a little after some time.

The Dark Side of the Prism has no settings. I wish there were settings to change the songs or music being played by it, the number of seconds for which the songs are played, and an option to switch to non-participating websites (for example, if you open, it switches to instead). Anyway, this add-on does its job neatly to warn about the sites that pass on your private data to security agencies like NSA.

You can download and install Dark Side of the Prism add-on from