Free Registry Jump : Quickly Jump to a Key in Registry Editor

Many a times, we have to use the registry editor in order to tweak how Windows behaves, acts or looks. Usually we open the Windows Registry Editor program and then use the tree view control on the left side to navigate from one to another branch of the registry hierarchy. But it takes too much time and is very annoying at times. Thanks to the free Eusing Registry Jump program, now you can quickly jump to a registry key in the registry editor by just typing the registry key path in this program.

You can download free Registry Jump from the Eusing software website. The download is a standalone portable application, so that you do not have to install it in Windows. After downloading it, you can just double-click on the downloaded file Regkj.exe to launch the application. In the Free Registry Jump interface, you can type in the registry key path and click on the Jump button and it would launch the Windows registry editor with that registry key already opened and selected for you.

Free Registry Jump : Quickly Jump to a Key in Registry Editor

You can type the registry keys using the shortened names of the main keys like HKLM, HKCU or you can use the full names like HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, HKEY_CURRENT_USER etc. The free Registry Jump program understands both ways of typing the registry key paths. If you open a registry key very often, then there is option to add the registry keys to a list. Later you can click on the registry key in the list and click on the Jump button for quickly opening it in the registry editor.

When you minimize the Free Registry Jump program, it sits in the Windows system tray. Now you can copy any registry key to the clipboard (for example, from a website), right-click on the system tray icon and select Jump from Clipboard to open it in the registry editor.

Free Registry Jump : Quickly Jump to a Key in Registry Editor

If you are an advanced user, then you know how many times you find instructions on technical websites like to open one or another registry key and make changes. You can use the Free Registry Jump to quickly open registry keys in the registry editor. This makes tweaking and customizing Windows very easy.

You can download Free Registry Jump from

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