How to View Your Google Account Activity

How would you know if someone has got hold of your Google account password and is secretly signing-in to your Gmail account to read your emails? Thanks to the new feature Google Account Activity added by Google, now you can easily view your Google account activity which displays various details like where you logged in from, the browser and operating system used, the IP address of the user and so on.

To open and view the Google account activity, all you have to do is visit the link : in your web browser. This would open the various activities associated with different Google products like Gmail, Picasa, Web history and Youtube. Obviously, you must be logged in to your Google account to view this activity page.

How to View Your Google Account Activity

It shows the activity details of your Google account in a chronological order with latest events displayed first. The sign-in events with web browser, geo-location and IP address are listed first. Then it shows the other types of activities like password changing, turning off of 2-step verification, creation of Android app passwords and so on.

If you see some activity that you do not remember doing yourself or a sign-in event from a location that you have never been to, then it may be someone else who somehow has got hold of your Google account password. In this case, you can click on the Change Password button on the top and change your password to a secure one. You can get help from a tool like PassworG to generate very strong passwords.

If your password is stolen, then it is possible that your computer is infected with some kind of trojan through which an attacker could steal your passwords – therefore, you should also scan your computer for any possible malware infection using a tool like ESET Online Scanner.