SuperCopier : Advanced Copy Dialog for Windows

When you copy files from one location to another in Windows, it displays a progress bar with basic information about the files being copied and only one option to cancel the copy operation. If you want a much more advanced copy function, then you should try free SuperCopier app. It is a freeware copy dialog which replaces the standard copy progress window in Windows Explorer. It shows you options to pause, resume and cancel the file copy operations. It also features automatic file renaming in case of conflicting filenames.

SuperCopier is a superior copy function for Windows Explorer. It displays all the files in the queue waiting to be copied. You can cancel or skip one or more files from this queue. You can also adjust the speed of file copy operations, leaving the hard disk free for other operations. It is an open source program and is available in form of a setup installer and also as a portable application. It is available both for 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows.

After the installation is over, it places an icon in the system tray of Windows. You can right-click on this system tray icon and select Options to open the SuperCopier options.

SuperCopier : Advanced Copy Dialog for Windows

In the SuperCopier options, you can select settings to replace the Windows Explorer copy and move operations with SuperCopier, so that when you use copy/paste functions, the SuperCopier application takes over. There are also options for grouping more than one SuperCopier dialogs, displaying of the OS warnings and checking for updates.

SuperCopier : Advanced Copy Dialog for Windows

Once you have set the option to replace Windows copy and move functions with SuperCopier, you are ready to use SuperCopier. Just try to copy or move a file or folder using the hotkeys or the by selecting copy/move functions from the Windows File Explorer toolbar. SuperCopier would take over the selected copy/move operation. The SuperCopier file copy dialog displays detailed information about your copy operations. It gives you options to pause, skip or cancel the copy operation. The list of all the files queued for copying (or moving) is also shown, if you click on the More button. In this list, you can click on a file and select it to move it up or down the queue, move it to the top or bottom of the list, remove the file from the list (it will not be copied) etc. You can sort the copy list by file name, source/destination, file size and more.

SuperCopier : Advanced Copy Dialog for Windows

If you do not want to integrate SuperCopier with Windows, then will have to manually start the copy/move threads from the system tray icon. Just right-click on the SuperCopier system tray icon and select Add copy/moving and choose an operation (e.g., copy, move or transfer). Then you will have to select both the source and the destination folders for the SuperCopier window before the selected file operation begins.

SuperCopier : Advanced Copy Dialog for Windows

SuperCopier is definitely superior to the Windows’ own copy function. It is very useful when you are copying a large number of files or copying files of very large sizes. SuperCopier uses algorithms to reduce the time taken by the file copy operations considerably. Additionally, it offers various options that give you more control on how files are being copied on your PC.

You can download SuperCopier from


  1. The bad point is :
    The free version is using BitCoin Miner in background, using GPU.
    It crash my GPU frequently 🙁

    1. If you visit the download page for Supercopier, you can see that downloads are available for setup packages/portable versions without the cgminer program. Just checked portable version it has no miner.

      1. replacing mine.exe by whatever program renamed to mine.exe works fine too 🙂
        I did with Calc.exe, time to times, the calc shows up, but it’s not a big deal 🙂

      2. Just checked the website.
        At the time i had tried it , BitCoin miner presence was not so clearly expressed ….
        It’s better now .

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