Replace Windows Clock with Stylish Desktop Clock

Current date and time is displayed in Windows at the lower-right corner in the taskbar. But its format, look and feel has not changed much over all the years. It looked same in Windows 95/98 and it does not look much different in Windows 8 either. But now you can replace the old plain boring looking clock with a stylish clock using the Free Desktop Clock software. Free Desktop Clock decorates the standard digital display with a handful of skins and shows the current date and day.

You can download Free Desktop Clock from the Drive Software website. The download is available as a setup installer. The same setup file is able to install the program for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. After the installation, it runs automatically and replaces the Windows clock with a random skin. Free Desktop Clock comes with nine different skins.

Replace Windows Clock with Stylish Desktop Clock

You can right-click on the replaced clock and choose a random skin, open date-time properties or open the Free Desktop Clock main window. In the main window, you can view and choose a skin for your clock. There are options to display date, seconds, 12/24 hour format, day of the week, system uptime (for how long you have been using Windows after powering on your PC) and percentage of memory use.

Replace Windows Clock with Stylish Desktop Clock

Additionally, you can set it to play an hourly chime just like the classic cuckoo wall clocks, change your computer’s time zone, set an NTP server to synchronize your PC time with and set alarms to wake you up at a specific time.

The Free Desktop Clock is a free cut-down version of the commercial software Atomic Clock. If you want more features and more skins to choose from, then you can buy (or try) the Atomic Clock software from the same developers. The Atomic Clock software includes over thirty different skins for your clock.

You can download Free Desktop Clock from

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