Speccy : Find Your System Information Easily

It is not always an easy job to find out about the hardware specifications of your computer system. Finding this system information is very important when you are seeking help from computer professionals – as you have to tell them about your system. You can poke around your computer for finding the system specifications, or you can use Speccy. Speccy is a free tool to find out your system information.

Speccy is available both as an installable setup and as a portable program. The benefit of the portable edition is that you can keep it on a USB thumb drive and carry it around and check other people’s computer specifications if needed. This way the portable edition is very useful for computer professionals who have to deal with computer problems in their everyday life. At the same time, Speccy is also very useful for ordinary users. Suppose you want to upgrade your computer (trying to add a bigger hard disk or RAM etc). For the upgrade you need to know what kind of hard disks, RAM sticks or other components your computer supports and that’s where Speccy comes in.

You can run Speccy by double-clicking on Speccy.exe for 32-bit Windows or Speccy64.exe for 64-bit Windows. After you have run Speccy, it would take some time analyzing and scanning your computer system for each and every component. After the analysis is over, a summary would be displayed. You can also go through each section in the left side list to check more detailed specifications for each section.

Speccy: Find Your System Information Easily

If you want, then you can save a snapshot of your system specifications in form of a text or XML file. You can also publish a snapshot of your system specifications on the Speccy web site. This way you can tell a computer professional about your system information over the Internet, without personally contacting them.

Speccy: Find Your System Information Easily

So if you want to know more about your computer’s system settings and specifications, then you can try Speccy. It is free and portable tool for everyone’s use. It supports all versions of Windows, starting from Windows 98.

You can download Speccy from http://www.piriform.com/speccy/builds.