Watch Live Sports TV Online for Free

If your favorite sports-person is playing and your cable TV is not showing the sports match, what would you do? What if you are away from home or not near a TV? Instead of grinding your teeth and smashing your fists, you can choose to watch live sports streaming for free. The website LiveScoreHunter streams live video streams of currently being played matched. You can watch matches in all sports category – be it tennis, baseball, hockey or football. Here is how :

  1. Visit
  2. You will see many categories of sports on the main page, click on one of them. I clicked on Tennis,

    Watch live sports tv online on

  3. When you click on a category (like Tennis), you will see all the matched being held at present time in that category. When you click on a match, it slides open and you can see all the video streaming links, live score links etc.

    Choose a category of sports to watch live tv

  4. When you click on a video link, a pop up window pops up in which the video starts up. Sometimes, it takes a little time for the video to load up because there are hundreds or thousands of viewers watching the on-line stream.

    Watching live free video stream of a tennis match

So next time, you are missing your favorite match because you are not near a TV, you can always use your Internet ready phone to watch the live video streaming.