A Ruler for Windows : Measure Objects on Your Screen

Recently I had to fill up an online form and one of the requirements was to upload my picture of 300px by 400px dimensions. How could I measure the picture inside my computer with that much accuracy? So I found out a free tool called Ruler for Windows. Using this tool, you can measure anything that appears on your screen in terms of pixels without any difficulty.

You can download A Ruler for Windows from the software website. The download is available as an installable setup program using which you can install A Ruler for Windows on your system. After the installation, it runs automatically. But you can also run it from its desktop shortcut.

A Ruler for Windows : Measure Objects on Your Screen

You can drag this ruler around on your screen and align it with the edges of the object that you want to measure up. You can also use thr arrow keys on your keyboard to move the ruler around. For example, if you want to measure the width and length of a picture, then align it with its edge and then click on the ruler ticks to mark the other edge. A red line would appear on the ruler to show where the measurement is being taken. It will also show the number of pixels in red color.

The ruler can also be aligned vertically by clicking on the slope-like icon. This is helpful when measuring the heights of objects. The numbering on the ruler can also be reversed to measure an object that is close to the right-edge of your screen. The ruler comes with four skins – wood, yellow construction tape, transparent plastic and steel. You can switch through the skins by clicking on the circle-like icon.

A Ruler for Windows : Measure Objects on Your Screen

More detailed information about the hotkeys and options can be seen by clicking on the ? icon. This opens up the help window where you can see what happens when click on each of these tiny icons. It also gives information about hotkeys, for example, you can display middle line on the rule by pressing M, display ticks in reverse order by pressing R and so on.

A Ruler for Windows is an on-screen ruler that allows you to perform measurements on your screen in pixels. It comes with four skins but you can download more skins from their website. You can adjust the length of the ruler, use it vertical or horizontal, and zoom the screen up to four times for precise measurements. It would have been better if it supported more units like centimeters, inches etc.

You can download A Ruler for Windows from http://www.arulerforwindows.com/.