Quickly Change Text Case with Case Changer

Many of the popular editors like Notepad++, LibreOffice and Microsoft Word all have a feature to change the text case if required. But you do not always use these tools to edit documents. What if you are using Windows Notepad and want to change the case of a sentence or word? In that case, a freeware program called Case Changer may come handy. It can change the case of text to uppercase, lowercase, sentence case and toggle case.

You can download Case Changer from the L2 software website. The download is available as a portable application, so you do not have to install anything on your PC. All you have to do is extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP archive to a folder and run CaseChanger.exe from there. The program monitors your clipboard, so whatever text you copy in the clipboard will automatically appear in its window.

Quickly Change Text Case with Case Changer

You can use the buttons in the side panel to change the case of the text to upper case, lower case, sentence case (first letter of first word in each sentence is capitalized), title case (first letter in each word is capitalized) and toggle case (alternate letters are capitalized). You can disable automatic clipboard monitoring by unchecking the Auto Monitor On/Off checkbox.

It has an option to automatically change the case of the text in your clipboard based on the case-button you pressed last time. For this you have to check the checkbox labeled Auto Change. Suppose you clicked on the upper case button in Case Changer window, now you can copy/paste any text in any program (say Notepad) and the text would automatically be changed to upper case within the clipboard.

Obviously there are some words or phrases that you do not want to be changed. For example, you do not want to change the case of your name or a country. Case Changer has an option to add such words to the exlusion list. This way these words will be excluded from any case changes. To add words or phrases to the exclusion list, click on the Exclude button and add the phrases/words in the window that opens.

Quickly Change Text Case with Case Changer

Case Changer is a small portable program that makes it easy to change the case of any selected text to UPPER, lower, Sentenced, Title or tOgGlEd case. It is a very useful program if you have to edit documents frequently. Although most of the popular editor programs have case-changing features built in, yet you may find Case Changer useful if you are working with a basic text editor like Windows Notepad.

You can download Case Changer from http://users.adam.com.au/paulwh/.