Check the Value of Your Gmail Account

The underworld on the Internet is an entirely different world. Cybercriminals buy and sell malware, malware kits, email addresses, login details, bank details, stolen credit cards and more in the Internet underworld. All these items sell from hundreds to thousands of dollars. If you want to know for how much your own Gmail address would sell there (if hacked) then you can visit the Cloudsweeper website and have your Gmail account audited. Here is how:

  1. Visit the Cloudsweeper account theft audit page and click on the Scan Gmail account button as shown.

    Check the Value of Your Gmail Account

  2. You will have to give permissions to Cloudsweeper app to view and manage your mail, view your email address and know your identity in your Gmail account.
  3. As soon as you give permission to your Gmail account, Cloudsweeper would start to check your emails whether you have access to many popular sites using your Gmail account, for example, whether you can login to Cpanel, Kindle, Amazon, Paypal etc. Based on these details, your account worth is calculated and displayed. My Gmail account is worth $0.00 which is a good thing as Cloudsweeper could not find anything that a potential hacker would be interested in.

    Check the Value of Your Gmail Account

    If your Gmail account is worth something, it means that you have some of the emails lying around from companies like PayPal which tells the hacker that you make money transactions through PayPal. It is a good time that you delete these old emails, revoke permissions to apps that you do not use and use the 2-step authentication method for better security.

  4. After viewing your Gmail account’s value, you can revoke the permissions of Cloudsweeper from your Google Account security settings.

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