Paste As File : Paste Clipboard Contents Straight to a File

Sometimes we find useful information on the Internet and want to save it on the hard disk. We usually copy that information whether it is text or image and then paste in a supporting program (for example, paste text in Notepad or paste image in Paint etc.), and then save it as file. This process involves many steps and takes long time. But now you can save the contents of your clipboard directly to a file using the Paste As File utility.

You can download Paste As File tool from the Startpunch website. The download is available as a setup installer. The download is a little over 11 megabytes in size. Note that the version 2.1 of this program is free but the version 3.x is a not freeware. After the installation, it adds a new context-menu item in the Windows File Explorer. Now after copying the contents of something using right-click copy function or using the hotkey Ctrl + C, you can right-click anywhere in a folder window and select Paste As File from the context-menu.

Paste As File : Paste Clipboard Contents Straight to a File

This would open the Paste As File window where you can choose the file name and file type. The file type is automatically selected as txt, html or pdf for the text data in the clipboard; and as jpg, png, bmp, tga, gif or pdf for the image data in the clipboard. You can click OK to save the file in the folder.

Paste As File : Paste Clipboard Contents Straight to a File

The Paste As File is not very smart in detecting the actual content type in the clipboard. For example, even if you copy the HTML file data, it should select HTML file type as default to save, but it does not. You have to manually select the file type each time you save the contents of the clipboard to a file. But nonetheless it is a very handy and easy-to-use utility for quickly saving the clipboard contents to a file.

You can download Paste As File 2.0 (freeware) or you can download Paste As File 3.x (14 day trial).

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