Record and Replay Mouse Movements with MouseController

Sometimes in Windows we have to perform some repeated tasks by clicking and dragging on files or folders. For example, how many times have you right-clicked on a picture in your web browser and saved it to a folder. You can either perform these repeated tasks by hand; or you can record and replay your mouse movements and clicks using the freeware software called MouseController. It can help you record your mouse movements and clicking events, save them to a file and then allows you to replay them whenever you want.

You can download MouseController from its sourceforge page. The download is a portable application of very small size. You can extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP file to a folder and run MouseController.exe from there. To start recording your mouse actions, all you have to do is press the hotkey F9. When you are done recording, press the same F9 key again to stop recording.

Record and Replay Mouse Movements with MouseController

When you have finished recording, you can save it to a file by selecting File → Save from the menubar. You can load a saved recording from the menubar by selecting File → Open and choosing the recoding file. In order to replay a recoding of mouse actions, you can press the hotkey F11.

MouseController has a TimeStretch feature using which you can reduce or increase the speed of the playback. For example, you can reduce the playback speed to half or twice the actual speed. You can also set a custom multiplication factor to the original speed. Setting a faster playback speed can help you perform tasks very fast. There are also features that let you delay and repeat the playback infinitely at a configurable interval.

Problems may arise because some applications also use the same hotkeys (F9 and F11). For example, if you intend to replay your mouse movements in a web browser, then you first have to bring the browser in focus and then press F11 key. This would unexpectedly switch the web browser in fullscreen mode. To solve these issues, you can change the hotkeys that MouseController uses. Unfortunately, MouseController does not give much of a choice about setting hotkeys. You can select only from the function keys (F1 to F12).

MouseController is very tiny program that helps you record, save and playback the mouse movements. It can be used to automatically run some repetitive tasks that require a number of mouse clicks and movements in a particular pattern.

You can download MouseController from