blinkx : Discover and Share Great Vidoes Online

The blinkx website is a beautiful way of discovering and sharing videos online. Unlike many other video sharing sites, blinkx presents you with an uncluttered, clean and powerful video search interface. While many other video sites are filled with low quality useless content, blinkx shows you high quality videos both in terms of the content and the resolution. It has videos arranged into multiple categories for easy browsing.

The blinkx site can be accessed both from a desktop computer as well as from various mobile devices. When you visit the blinkx website, it displays many categories of videos like celebrity, music, comedy, hispanic, business, travel, health & fitness, sports and more. To browse the latest videos under a category just click on its tile or thumbnail. You can also choose to type in a word or phrase in the search-box to search the related videos.

blinkx : Discover and Share Great Vidoes Online

To watch a video on blinkx, just click its thumbnail and it will expand inline in your web browser and begin playing. Clicking the right-arrow graphic or pressing the right-arrow key on your keyboard will skip to the next related video. You can quit this view and return to your last page (search results or categories page) at any time by pressing the Esc key on the keyboard.

blinkx : Discover and Share Great Vidoes Online

You can click on the “star” graphic over a video being played or its thumbnail in the list in order to share it with your friends and family members through Facebook, Twitter or e-mail messages. For the sharing to work, you will have to log in to your blinkx account. You can create a blinkx account using your email address or sign-in using your Facebook or Twitter account. Having a blinkx account has its own benefits, for example, you can view your video watching history, blinkx shows the videos based on your search and video history and so on.

The blinkx online video sharing website stands out in the ever increasing crowd of video sites as it offers very high quality videos. Most of the videos shared are licensed from very well known production houses and TV shows like BBC, Splash, aol – celebrity wire, TMZ – Celebrity Gossip, extra tv, Wochit entertainment, Redbull, ESPN, Fox Sports and more. In fact, blinkx acts as an aggregator for the British and American TV shows which are freely and legally available online.

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