CapsUnlocker : Automatically Unlock the Caps Lock

If you use Microsoft Word or some other text processor extensively at work then you know the irritable situation when you accidentally press the Caps Lock on your keyboard. Sometimes you realize the accidental turning on of your Caps Lock key only after you have typed a whole sentence. One of my wise co-workers suggested that I should use a screwdriver to remove the Caps Lock key from the keyboard. But I have a better solution – CapsUnlocker. It is a free software that can automatically unlock the Caps Lock key after a few seconds. So even if you have accidentally or deliberately turned it on, it turns off after some time by itself.

CapsUnlocker allows you to unlock the Caps Lock state after a period of no keyboard activity. You can download CapsUnlocker from the ITSamples website. The download is a very small 93 kilobytes portable application. It supports all the versions of Windows. You can extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP file to a folder and run CapsUnlocker.exe from there. It would appear in the notification area (system tray) of your Windows. You can right-click on the notification area icon and a context-menu would pop-up as shown.

CapsUnlocker : Automatically Unlock the Caps Lock

In the context menu, you can choose to enable or disable the unlocking function for the Caps Lock key. You can disable the Caps Lock key altogether by selecting Disable Caps Lock from the menu. You can also enable or disable the Shift key override. The Shift key override is used only when you have disabled the Caps Lock key; It allows you to turn on Caps Lock while pressing the right Shift key.

If you have selected the Disable Caps Lock function, then it would run in the background and monitor all the key presses on your keyboard. If you press the Caps Lock key on your keyboard, then it automatically turns off the Caps Lock key. The only way to turn on the Caps Lock key is to use the override function – press the right Shift key and while holding it, press the Caps Lock key.

In the CapsUnlocker options, you can choose the time after which the Caps Lock is switched off. You can also choose custom icons for displaying the Caps Lock status in the system tray. There is also an option that lets you start the CapsUnlocker application at Windows logon.

CapsUnlocker : Automatically Unlock the Caps Lock

CapsUnlocker is a small and useful utility for all the Windows users who have to do the typing work almost everyday. It can save you from the accidental key presses leading to turning on of the Caps Lock on your keyboard.

You can download CapsUnlocker from