Create Adobe CS5 Style Icons in One Click

If you wanted to create an icon for your application or for your website, then usually you have to delve into an advanced application like Adobe Photoshop. But now you can create high quality Adobe CS5 and Web 2.0 style icons easily with a few clicks through the Icon Generator web application. It allows you to type in the text and choose background color for the icon and rest is handled automatically.

To start with, you have to visit the Icon Generator website. On this website, you would find the Icon Generator flash application. You can choose five different types of icon designs – HTML5, CS5, CS5(Image), CS4 and Start Badge. You can select any of these icon designs by clicking on their respective graphics.

Create Adobe CS5 Style Icons in One Click

All graphic designs have different options. Some of them allow you to choose your own image and text, others allow only to choose text while some allow you to select background color only. There are other advanced options also like glare, shadow, font, contrast etc. The combination of these options help you design your own style of icon.

A live preview of the designed icon is shown side by side. It shows the icon in different sizes – 256×256 pixels, 128×128 pixels, 48×48 pixels, 32×32 pixels and 16×16 pixels. When you are satisfied with the designed icon, you can click on the Save Icons button to save them to your hard disk.

In addition to the online Flash web application for creating icons, the website also offers a standalone offline application that you can download and use on your own computer. The application is designed using the Adobe Air technology and thus can be run in all the major platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and more.

You can visit the Icon Generator website at