Edit Subtitles for Videos and Movies with Subtitle Edit

Sometimes when we get movies either entirely or partially foreign languages that you cannot understand. One easy solution to understand the foreign language portions of such movies is to download subtitles from the internet for those movies. Some of these subtitles are hastily written and contain grammatical or spelling mistakes. You can always correct and edit subtitles using the free Subtitle Edit program.

Subtitle Edit is an open source program that can be used to edit an existing subtitles file or create a new subtitles file from scratch. You can download the Subtitle Edit application from its Google Code webpage. The download is available both in form of an installer and as a portable application. The application is written using the .NET 2.0 framework, so you may have to install .NET 2.0 redistributables if you are running Windows XP or 2000.

To start with Subtitle Edit, all you have to do is load a subtitles file for a movie or a video. It supports all sorts of subtitles files like SRT, SUB and more. Once loaded, the file shows up in the editor displaying the start time, end time, duration and the text of each of the subtitles. At the bottom of the window, you can edit the text, adjust the start/end times and unbreak or auto-break the text.

Edit Subtitles for Videos and Movies with Subtitle Edit

There are so many other tools that come with Subtitle Edit which help you editing or creating the subtitles. The Visual Sync tool helps you adjust the subtitles which are out of sync (the subtitle text appears too soon or too late). If you have found the subtitles in some other language, then you can translate whole of the file using Google Translate. There are spell check options to check misspelled words in your subtitles file. There are tons of other options that allow you to quickly and efficiently edit your subtitles.

Edit Subtitles for Videos and Movies with Subtitle Edit

So if you have found a mistake in your favorite movie’s subtitles file or if you happen to get subtitles in some language that you do not really understand, then you can grab Subtitle Edit program and repair, edit and add to your subtitles file. It can also fix your subtitles to correctly sync with the video file.

You can download Subtitle Edit from its website at http://code.google.com/p/subtitleedit/.

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