SendTo-Convert : Change Image Formats from Right-Click Menu

When you are copying images from your PC to your mobile devices, you have to be careful about the image formats as some of the image formats are not natively supported on the mobile operating systems. For example, you cannot view TIFF image format in Android without the help of a third party app. Using the freeware SendTo-Convert application, you can easily change the image formats into more popular and widely supported image types by just right-clicking on images.

You can download the SendTo-Convert application from the Vieas software website. The download is available both in form of an installer and as a portable application. The application is available both for the 32-bit and the 64-bit editions of Windows. I personally prefer the portable version as you do not have to install anything on your system. So you can download the portable ZIP file, extract the contents to a folder and run StCon.exe from there.

This would open the settings window for SendTo-Convert. Here you can select the default output format or leave it as selectable. There are format specific settings for some of the special formats like PNG or JPEG. You can choose to automatically resize the image to fit a specific size. By default the converted image format file is saved in the same folder as the original file, but you can choose a default folder to save all your converted files. Finally, the most important setting – you can add a shortcut in the Send To menu.

SendTo-Convert : Change Image Formats from Right-Click Menu

By adding a shortcut to the Send To menu, you can just right-click on one or more of the image files and select Send To → SendTo-Convert. This would open a tiny format selector window where you can choose file formats from BMP, JPEG, PNG and GIF formats. You can also choose to resize the image. If you want then you can also access settings from here.

SendTo-Convert : Change Image Formats from Right-Click Menu

The format selector window is shown only if you have not selected a default output image format in the settings. After selecting an image format, it converts and saves the image in the current folder or in the default output image folder. Output files are appropriately named to prevent overwriting any existing image files.

The SendTo-Convert is a handy tool to quickly convert the image formats of your picture files. In addition to the format conversion, it can also resize the image files which is very useful when sharing large size images on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

You can download SendTo-Convert from its website at