How to Report Abusive Tweets and Abusive Users on Twitter

Twitter, the social networking and microblogging website, has come up with options to report abusive tweets and abusive users. These options have been added after recent heavy abuse of Twitter by some users who sent threatening tweets to some of the celebrities in the UK. Using these reporting options, you can easily report an individual tweet as well as a person sending you spam, threatening or unwanted tweets. Here is how:

1. Report Abusive Tweets

  1. Visit your Twitter page where you would see a list of all the tweets you are getting.
  2. If you see an abusive tweet, hover your mouse cursor over this tweet, click on the More… and select Report Tweet as shown,

    How to Report Abusive Tweets and Abusive Users on Twitter

  3. This would open up an options box where you can choose whether the tweet is spam, or it is coming from a compromised (hacked) account. For these two options, you can just click on the Submit button and its all done. But if you decide to report the tweets as abusive, then this requires more steps and you can you click on the Next button to go to the next step.

    How to Report Abusive Tweets and Abusive Users on Twitter

  4. In the next step, you have to choose what kind of abuse is the selected tweet is supposed to be. You can choose from impersonation (someone trying to pose as someone else), trademark (trademark violation), harassment (somebody harassing, bullying or threatening you), report self harm (someone posting about intended suicide or other harm), report an ad (unsolicited advertisement) etc.

    How to Report Abusive Tweets and Abusive Users on Twitter

  5. Any option you choose, it will take you to filling up of a new form. All the forms are different, but in general they require you to fill up subject and full description of the problem, your full name and optionally your phone number. Submitting this form would report the problem to Twitter moderators who would take action and get back with you as soon as possible.

2. Report Abusive User

If you want to report an abusive user who is tormenting you and making your life uneasy on Twitter, then you can report them to the Twitter moderators. To report a abusive user, you can visit the page.

How to Report Abusive Tweets and Abusive Users on Twitter

Here you can choose what kind of abuse that person is causing to you – posting your private information on Twitter, just being abusive in general or sending violent threats. Selecting an option would further show up more options in the form. Typically, you have to provide the Twitter username of the abusive user that you are reporting and the link to the abusive tweet. You also have to provide more information about the problem as well as the your own Twitter username and email address. Submitting the form would report the problem to the Twitter moderators and start the process of resolving the issue.

If you are receiving threatening tweets from someone, then Twitter advises you not to delete those tweets. These tweets are required for the law enforcement agencies to find the culprit and arrest them, in the event an investigation takes place.

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