How to Run Any Program with Parameters in Windows

Many programs offer them to react differently when you run them with different parameters. For example, Firefox (firefox.exe) opens up the profile manager if you use the parameter -ProfileManager to run it. Usually, you have to use either the command prompt window or the Windows Run dialog to run a program with parameters. But with the help of free RunWithParameters program, you can run any program with parameters by just a single click. Here is how:

First of all you have to download and install the RunWithParameters program on your Windows PC. The program installs a context-menu handler for all the executable files and their shortcuts. After the installation, you can just right-click on an executable file in a folder or in the start menu and select Run with Parameters. You can do the same with program shortcuts on your desktop.

How to Run Any Program with Parameters in Windows

This would launch the RunWithParameters window instead of the program. In this small window, you can type in the program arguments or parameters as you like. For example, you can right-click on the Firefox icon on your desktop to start RunWithParameters and type -ProfileManager to open Firefox profile manager window. Most of the programs take supported files as their arguments. For example, Notepad can take full path of a .TXT file as an argument. Some programs can take more than one parameter in a single line. You have to check with a program’s help file, manual or its support website for more information about the parameters it supports.

How to Run Any Program with Parameters in Windows

As you can guess, clicking on the Run button would launch the targeted program with the parameters that you have supplied. RunWithParameters maintains a history of all the parameters that you have used for a program. The history is kept for each program separately, so history for a program will be shown only when you try to run that particular program. This makes it very easy to select the parameters from the drop down listbox.

So if you have to use the command prompt or the Run box in order to run programs with specific arguments, then give RunWithParameters a try. It can help you launch the programs with multiple parameters very easily.

You can download RunWithParameters from

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