Identify Language of a Phrase Using Polyglot 3000

Sometimes we come across a sentence or a phrase that is written in a foreign language that we cannot identify. Sure we can use Google Translate to automatically detect the language and translate it into English at the same time, but sometimes Google cannot identify close resembling languages like Bulgarian and Russian. Besides Google Translate supports only very popular languages. This is where free Polyglot 3000 comes in – it can easily identify the correct language of a phrase, sentence or word instantly using its offline database of more than 470 languages.

The Polyglot 3000 software has been designed by the Likasoft developers and can be downloaded from their website. The download is a setup installer which can be used to install on both the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems. After the installation, you can run the Polyglot software from the desktop shortcut. The main window of Polyglot 3000 is very straightforward. You have to copy/paste the phrase or sentence in the text area and press F9 or click on the Recognize language button.

Identify Language of a Phrase Using Polyglot 3000

It will take some time before Polyglot 3000 would recognize the language of the text phrase you have input. The detected language and its percentage of detection accuracy are soon both shown in the window. It also displays a number of languages similar to the detected language.

By default, Polyglot 3000 detects all the 474 languages that it supports. It runs the input text against the database of the all the supported languages. But if you want faster results, then you can switch to detection of only popular languages. This way Polyglot 3000 has to scan for only 119 popular languages and the detection is considerably faster. To do so, you can select Recognition → Prominent Languages from the menubar.

It is very impressive to see that it can recognize some of the very less common and rare languages like Pipil which is spoken by less than 50 people in the world. At the same time, it can identify ancient languages like Sanskrit. You can use it to identify the language of a paragraph or sentence easily at the click of a button. However, the sad part is that it does not support translation of any sort. In spite of lack of the translation features, it is very good software to recognize the languages of phrases.

You can download Polyglot 3000 from its website at