Reset Chrome Browser Configuration with Chrome Eraser

You can always clean the browsing history and cookies in the Chrome browser, but if you want to completely reset the Chrome configuration then you can make use of the free Chrome Eraser application. It can reset the configuration of current user profile for the Chrome browser. It can also completely delete all the configuration files of the Chrome browser for the current user.

You can download and install the Chrome Eraser application from the Browser Science website. The download is a very small file that can be run in Windows having .NET framework 3.5. Windows Vista and 7 already have .NET 3.5 redistributables installed, so you can run Chrome Eraser in these versions of Windows without any problem. In other versions of Windows, you will have to download and install .NET 3.5 redistributables first.

Reset Chrome Browser Configuration with Chrome Eraser

When the Chrome Eraser window shows up, it will analyze the data stored in your Chrome configuration files. You can click on the Configuration Reset button to reset the data in your user specific configuration files. If you click on the Complete Reset button then it would delete all the files linked to your user files that store Chrome configurations. The difference between these two functions is that the first function resets the files while the second function deletes the configurations files.

The application clearly warns you about it being not a toy. The warning extends to saying that the files once deleted will no longer be recoverable. So you have to be very careful about deleting or resetting your Chrome profile configuration files. You should not use this application if you want to keep some of the settings of the Chrome browser and just clean its history instead.

You can download Chrome Eraser from