Remove Rootkits and Malware with RegRun Reanimator

RegRun Reanimator is a malware removal tool for removing viruses, trojans, rootkits, malware and other nasty stuff from your PC. The software has a malware removal process that works through a support system. You create a system report, send it to Reanimator support team, and they would send you back a script to remove the detected malware. The word Reanimator implies the generation of a alive registry script that can remove malware from your system.

You can download RegRun Reanimator from the Greatis software website. The download is a nearly 12 megabytes installation setup file. After the installation, the Reanimator would launch or can be launched from the desktop shortcut. It presents with a multitude of options like virus scan, sending report, clean after virus, protect, open RNR file, restore etc. To scan your PC for viruses, select Virus Scan and click on the Fix Problems button.

Remove Rootkits and Malware with RegRun Reanimator

In the window that opens up next, you are shown various options like sending the report to the Reanimator support team, fixing browser redirect problems, scan Windows startup items for malicious files, online virus scan, revealing of hidden files (rootkits). You can choose any of these tools to proceed further. But if you are not an expert in virus removal, it is better to send a report to the Reanimator team and wait for their response.

Remove Rootkits and Malware with RegRun Reanimator

Typically, the Reanimator support team would analyze your system report and see if your computer is infected or not. And if your computer is really infected, then they would create a RNR file which can be run through the Reanimator program. This RNR file contains commands and instructions that can automatically remove the malware from your PC.

Since the RegRun Reanimator does not entirely depend on the virus definitions and because it involves the support team who give their opinion based on your system report, it can detect and remove viruses, trojans and malware that your traditional antivirus product might miss. But again, this product does not have a real time scan and thus cannot protect you from live viruses. It can only help you remove infection if your PC is already infected with malware. As such, it should not be used as a substitute of a full antivirus installed on your PC. Instead you can use it in conjunction with your anitivirus product for improving your overall security.

You can download the RegRun Reanimator from

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