Trim and Crop PDF Documents with Briss

Briss is a Jewish tradition that involves the circumcision of a newborn male baby. There is also a software named Briss that crops the PDF files to reduce its size. It can crop off the unnecessary portions of the PDF documents and cuts down on its filesize. It is written using the Java language and therefore it can be run on all the popular platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux.

You can download the Briss software from the sourceforge website. The download is available in form of an installer as well as a portable program. You can download the portable application packed inside the ZIP archive, extract the contents to a folder and run briss-0.9.exe from there. You can choose File → Load File from the menubar to open a PDF file.

Trim and Crop PDF Documents with Briss

The PDF program is opened and analyzed. The PDF pages would be shown in the Briss window with a blue rectangle over it. You can drag and resize this blue rectangle as you want. Everything under the blue rectangle is preserved while anything outside this blue rectangle is cropped out. If you have opened a multi-page PDF file, then you can to do this for each page in the PDF file – although Briss automatically adjusts the blue rectangle for all the pages.

After this, you can select Action → Preview from the menubar to see a preview of what is going to happen after the cropping is over. If you are satisfied with the results, then you can choose Action → Crop PDF to save the resulting PDF file.

Briss is not only useful for trimming the unnecessary white space from around a PDF document, but it can also be used to remove some portions from your PDF files that you do not want others to see.

You can download the Briss software from