Zero Install : Run Applications Without Installing

When you are looking for a software, you find so many and you want to try them all out before you can pick the one that suits your requirements. During this trying out period, you end up installing dozens of applications on your system – all of which leave behind unwanted files and registry entries in your PC. If you want to try the software without having to install them, then you can use the Zero Install software. The Zero Install program lets you run many types of software without installing them first.

You can download the Zero Install application from the Zero Install website. The download is available both as an installer and as a portable application. The portable application is around 6 megabytes. If you decide to use the portable application, then you do not have to install anything on your system. Just download the portable ZIP file, extract the contents to a folder and run Zero Install from there.

Zero Install : Run Applications Without Installing

When you run Zero Install for the first time, it connects to the internet and downloads a catalog of all the applications. You can select any of these applications and click on the green colored plus button to add it to My Applications category. This would download that portable app and save it your computer. After an app has been downloaded, you can switch to My Applications and click on the Run button.

Zero Install : Run Applications Without Installing

This way you can download and install lots of portable applications on your computer without installing anything. This is nothing like the Universal Extractor program that can extract programs from inside their setup packages. Instead Zero Install just offers you a catalog list of portable and free applications. You can add your own portable applications in the catalog if it does not exist in the list.

You can download Zero Install from

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