Easy HTML5 Video: Convert Videos to HTML5 Format

These days the web standards are taking a new turn towards the HTML5 videos. The HTML5 is the next version of the HTML markup language and it supports the playing of videos without requiring any external plugins like Adobe Flash or Microsoft Media Player etc. If you also want to take the advantage of the new HTML5 video standard, and share your videos in the HTML5 video format then first thing you have to do is convert your videos in this format. You can use the freeware Easy HTML5 Video to easily convert any of your videos into the HTML5 format.

You can download the Easy HTML5 Video utility from its dedicated website. The download is available as a setup installer which helps you install Easy HTML5 Video on your system. After the installation, you can run it from its desktop shortcut. When you run Easy HTML5 Video, it shows up a blank window where you can drag-n-drop any video file. As soon as you drop the file on this window, you are shown controls and options for the video conversion.

Easy HTML5 Video: Convert Videos to HTML5 Format

In the options on the right-side, you can select the output formats from WebM, MP4 and OGG. As you choose one or more of these formats, you will be shown which browsers (and which of their versions) support your selected output formats. You can change the size, width, height and the quality of the output video. You can also select a poster image for your video, either from the video frames or from a custom image. Finally, you can click on the Start button to start the conversion.

After the conversion is complete, it would show options to publish the video to your website through FTP, create a local webpage for testing or insert the video snippet into an already existing HTML page. You can choose one of these options and click on the Publish button to publish the converted videos as per your preferences.

Easy HTML5 Video: Convert Videos to HTML5 Format

Easy HTML5 Video is indeed very easy to use video transcoding tool. You can use it to convert any type of video into HTML5 supported video formats. The conversion is done through the popular FFMPEG tool. The tool clearly shows whether the selected output formats would support a particular browser and which version of that browser, so that you can target users of all the browsers and platforms.

You can download Easy HTML5 Video from http://easyhtml5video.com/

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