PC On Off Time : Know How Much You Use Your PC

I turn on my computer early in the morning and let it run all through the day. I usually have no idea about how much or how long I use my PC everyday. If you are also like me, then a free software called PC On Off Time can tell you exactly how long you use your PC daily. It can also show when you rebooted due to an unexpected shutdown and if the PC was in standby mode.

You can download the PC On Off Time utility from the Neuber Software website. The download is available as portable application packed inside a ZIP archive. After downloading the portable version, you can extract the contents of the ZIP archive and run PcOnOffTime.exe from there. It would immediately show the main window with a time grid showing you blue colored boxes for the time when your PC was on.

PC On Off Time : Know How Much You Use Your PC

The application shows first column of the date, in the middle is a the time grid that shows the exact time your PC was powered on that day, and on the right side is the total time for which you PC was on that day. The blue boxes in the time grid indicate your PC was on, blue box with red spikes indicate unexpected shutdown followed by a reboot, and grayed out boxes show that your PC was in the standby mode. The free version of PC On Off Time utility shows only the data for the last three weeks. At the bottom-right corner is shown the total amount of time that your PC was powered on for.

By default it displays the data for the local computer that you are sitting in front of. But if you want to check the time data for a networked computer then you can click on the Browse button near the top-edge of the application window and browse the network for a computer. As soon as you select a PC on your network, it will fetch and display the data for that computer.

PC On Off Time is a little but helpful tool to find out how much time you have been spending on your PC. It shows the number of hours for which your PC was turned on a day. Having a powered on PC does not necessarily mean that you were using it, but it can help you cut down on your PC addiction and power costs.

You can download PC On Off Time from http://www.neuber.com/free/pctime/