How to Schedule Email Cleanup in Webmail

The webmail service, that has replaced previous email services from Microsoft, offers a great many number of ways to keep your Inbox clutter free, organized and clean. One of the features in is the cleanup scheduling of the messages so that messages from a specific sender are automatically moved or deleted after a preset number of days. This works great for newsletter or notification email messages, as you can auto-delete them after a month. Here is how you can schedule cleanup in :

  1. Visit webmail page in your web browser and login with your email username and password.
  2. In the Inbox, click on an email message from a particular sender that you want to schedule for cleanup. When the message is opened up, select Sweep → Schedule Cleanup from the toolbar.

    How to Schedule Email Cleanup in Webmail

  3. This would open up a popup overlay where you can select whether you want to keep only the latest message from that sender (this setting would keep only the most recent message received from that sender), delete or move all messages older than a set number of days. You can select the number of days from 3, 10, 30 or 60 days. If you are opting to move the messages, then you also have to select a folder where the messages shall be moved.

    How to Schedule Email Cleanup in Webmail

  4. Clicking on the OK button would save the settings. From now on, the older messages from that selected sender would be automatically deleted or moved and your outlook Inbox would look much cleaner and organized.

The Schedule cleanup feature in automatically moves or deletes email from a specific sender after a selected number of days. If you have subscribed to a daily email from a website (for example, newsletters, daily deals, ebay bids etc.) and do not wish to see anything but the most recent messages, then you would find this feature indispensable.

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