Schedule Locked Files For Deletion with Boot Deleter

Sometimes when you try to delete a file in Windows, it fails to be deleted no matter how many times you try. The basic reason for such deletion problems is that the file is in used by the Windows system or some other program and cannot be deleted. Such files can be deleted easily upon reboot if you set them to be deleted automatically upon restart using the freeware tool BootDeleter. This freeware tool can set any locked file to be deleted on Windows restart.

You can download BootDeleter from the Joseph Cox software website. The program is available as a portable application. It requires the use of VB6 runtimes, so may have to install them, but most of the Windows users already have them. After downloading, you can extract the contents of the downloaded file and run BootDeleter.exe. It presents you with an option to add the context-menu entry in the Windows File Explorer. You have to click on the Integrate with Windows Shell button to do so. You must run BootDeleter with administrator privileges for setting the context-menu integration.

Schedule Locked Files For Deletion with Boot Deleter

After you have integrated the BootDeleter program in the Windows Explorer context-menu, you can start using it. To set a file to be deleted upon reboot, just right-click on that file and select Delete on Reboot. This would create proper registry entries in Windows. When you restart your Windows PC, these queued files shall be removed before the Windows shell loads.

Schedule Locked Files For Deletion with Boot Deleter

If you want to remove the context-menu integration, then you can run BootDeleter again with administrator privileges and click on the Remove from Windows Shell button.

So if you have a file that is refusing to be deleted, then you can make use of the small and free BootDeleter tool to get rid of that file. It uses the native Windows API to delete the files on reboot, making it completely safe for file removal.

You can download BootDeleter from

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