McAfee TechCheck : Check Performance of Your PC

After a few months of PC use, it starts to become sluggish and takes longer time in finishing the usual tasks. This may be due to many factors including hardware problem, operating system settings and incompatible software installed on your PC. The free McAfee TechCheck utility can test your PC against any possible software and hardware issues.

Here are some of the McAfee TechCheck features :

  • Performs a scan of your computer to identify software or hardware issues that might impact your PC’s performance
  • Checks for your PC’s problems with your operating system, network and browser configuration, hardware and peripheral devices, and installed software
  • Identifies flagged issues so you can personally troubleshoot or chat with an expert who can recommend which McAfee TechMaster service to purchase to resolve your issues.

McAfee TechCheck can be downloaded from the McAfee website. McAfee TechCheck is available for download in form of a portable application. As you run McAfee TechCheck for the first time, it presents with you a EULA (end user license agreement) window. You have to click on the Accept button to proceed.

McAfee TechCheck : Check Performance of Your PC

The next thing it would ask is for a connected peripheral device. If you have a connected printer or bluetooth device in your PC, you should check the appropriate checkbox in the window or just select the None of these and click on the Proceed button. This is asked because a connected printer or bluetooth device may impact your PC performance and McAfee TechCheck takes these device into account when testing PC performance.

McAfee TechCheck : Check Performance of Your PC

After this McAfee TechCheck would go on and scan various areas of your PC, namely – operating system, software & security, network & internet, and hardware & devices. Even in these categories it checks multiple sub-categories for problems and compatibility. When all the tests are complete, it would display if any issues have been detected on your system under their categories. You can click on the Learn more link to view details about the issues found.

McAfee TechCheck : Check Performance of Your PC

The results shown by McAfee TechCheck can be a pointer to improve your PC’s performance and security. But sometimes they are plain stupid, for example, it found a security issue that Internet Explorer is not set as default web browser. In my opinion, it is not a security issue because I am using Firefox as my default web browser. At the same time, it found an issue about Windows Firewall which was very helpful. McAfee TechCheck does not offer to fix any issues found on your PC, but it shows links to paid services that can be used to fix the issues.

You can download McAfee TechCheck from

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