TimeRabbit : Find Time Spent on Facebook

Facebook has become the number one time waster on the Internet. People use it not only from a PC web browser, but also from mobile devices throughout the day. But have you ever thought about how much time you actually spend everyday, every week or every month on this popular social networking site? A free Windows application called TimeRabbit can help you find out how much time you really spend on Facebook.

You can download TimeRabbit from the GigaWatch website. The download for Windows is around 7 megabytes of a setup installer file. You can use this to install TimeRabbit on your Windows PC. After the installation, TimeRabbit runs automatically and places a pink colored icon in the system tray of Windows taskbar. It keeps monitoring your Facebook activity in various web browsers. It can monitor when you access Facebook in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You can right-click on the system tray icon to view the main TimeRabbit window.

TimeRabbit : Find Time Spent on Facebook

In the TimeRabbit window, stats are shown for how much time you spent on Facebook today. You can also view the stats for previous days, weeks and months. The stats display the number of hours, minutes and seconds you have spent on Facebook. In the Settings tab, you can choose to load TimeRabbit automatically with Windows logon. You can also specify the hour of the day when you think your day starts (so TimeRabbit can properly store Facebook stats for everyday).

TimeRabbit : Find Time Spent on Facebook

The counter of TimeRabbit starts everytime you visit the Facebook site. The counter stops when you close the Facebook site or you do not use your keyboard or mouse for some time. It is a fun application to calculate the time you have spent on Facebook. But it can really scare you when it shows you the number of hours you spend sitting in front of Facebook.

You can download TimeRabbit from http://www.gigawatch.com/TimeRabbit/.

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