Clean Unnecessary Files in Windows with PureRa

After some time of PC usage, Windows creates many files in different folders like thumbs.db, iconcache.db and so on. These files help some of the minor Windows functions but are not generally required and can amount up to many gigabytes of hard disk space. You can delete these files from your hard disk and claim all the space taken up by them. The freeware application PureRa can help you quickly clean all these files in a single click.

You can download PureRa from its sourceForge web page. The download is a portable application. You can download the ZIP archive, extract the contents to a folder and run PureRa.exe from there. The GUI of PureRa is extremely simple to use. There are three buttons – Clean, About and Exit. You have to click on the Clean button to proceed.

Clean Unnecessary Files in Windows with PureRa

In the next step, you have to select what type of files you want to clean from your system. You can select from thumbs.db, iconCache.db, *.sqm, Config.msi and Desktop.ini files. You can select all the file types by selecting the checkbox labeled Check All. After this, you can click Clean Selected button to clean the files. PureRa would scan your system and delete the matching file types.

Clean Unnecessary Files in Windows with PureRa

At the end of cleaning, you would be shown a log of the files deleted by PureRa in Windows Notepad. On my system, it cleaned about 10 megabytes of files of different types. The application also seemed to make Windows Explorer a little bit faster, perhaps by cleaning the junk files. So if you want to get rid of these unnecessary files that are usually not removed by any other software like CCleaner, then you can try PureRa.

You can download PureRa from

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