: Remember What You Want to Do

How many times you walk out of your home only to pause and think about why did you get out of your home? If you often find yourself forgetting about the everyday tasks and keep coming home without buying one or more items in the groceries, then would be highly useful for you. is a mobile app and Chrome extension that works as a to-do list and reminder accessible from anywhere on the internet. is available for the iOS (iPhone or iPod), Android and Chrome extension. You can visit the website to find the links to the mobile apps and the Chrome extensions. After the installation you can create an account from within the mobile app or the Chrome extension. : Remember What You Want to Do

After registering for a new account, you can start adding new tasks by clicking on the plus graphics under different days (Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming or Someday). You can type in any type of task like “Prepare a cup of coffee” or “Buy some red wine” etc. : Remember What You Want to Do

The tasks for each day would be highlighted in the extension icon in Google Chrome when you use this browser. If you are on a mobile device, then you would have the same list of tasks visible if you login to the same account. The tasks list is automatically synchronized across multiple devices over the internet. This way you can access the to-do list everywhere on the internet from any device without having to carry a paper list in your pocket. : Remember What You Want to Do

It can also display reminders on your mobile device in form of an alarm, so that even if you do not check the to-do list, you will never forget what you wanted to do. You can set how many times you want to see the reminders for a task in a day. This is very useful feature when we get busy in doing something and completely forget about other things.

You can download and install from