Scanner : Display Hard Disk Usage in Chart Form

After a few months of regular use, the free hard disk space seems to evaporate in thin air. We find ourselves scratching our head and wondering where all the hard disk space has gone. Now you no longer have to fumble in the darkness, the freeware Scanner can help you find out which folders on your hard disk are taking up a large portion of the hard disk space.

You can download Scanner from the website of Steffen Gerlach, the developer of this software. The download is available in form of a portable application. You can extract the files from the downloaded ZIP archive and run Scanner.exe from there. There are also registry scripts in the ZIP archive which can be used to integrate or remove Scanner in the context-menu of Windows Explorer.

When you run Scanner by double-clicking on it, it starts to scan all the disk drives on your computer and takes a long time to display the results. If you want to see the space usage charts for only a folder or drive, then you can specify the target in the command line. For example, to display the results for C:\Windows only, you should give command scanner.exe “C:\Windows”. The right-click context-menu integration in Windows File Explorer makes it easier to scan only the selected folder or drive.

Scanner : Display Hard Disk Usage in Chart Form

After the scanning of the target folder, it displays the results of your hard disk usage in form of a sun-burst chart. You can hover your mouse cursor over a section of the chart to view the folder/file name, the space taken by it and the number of files inside that folder. There are options to re-scan the folder, empty recycle bin and open the Programs and Features section in the Control Panel. These options can be used to empty the recycle bin or remove an installed program that you do not use, in order to gain some hard disk space.

So if you are clueless about where your hard disk space has been disappearing, then you can make use of the free Scanner program to discover the details of your hard disk usage.

You can download Scanner from