Easily Create System Restore Points with System Restore Points Creater

System Restore points are a way to take your PC back in time in case of a malware attack, file corruption or some other mishap. Using the system restore points, your Windows PC can restore all the files and settings back to their state at the time when the restore point was created. This is why it is essential that we create a system restore point every time we install some software or make some big change in Windows. But creating a system restore in Windows is not so easy, you have to click through several windows to create a system restore point. Thanks to the freeware System Restore Points Creator, now you can create system restore points very easily in Windows.

System Restore Points Creator is a free software designed by Thomas Parkison and can be downloaded from his website. The downloaded file is a portable application programmed using Microsoft .NET 4.0 technology.  If you are using Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7, then you need to install .NET 4.0 Framework before you can use this software.

System Restore Points Creator

The user interface of this small utility is very straightforward and easy to understand. You can create a system restore point at the click of a button. There is a textbox where you have to type the name of the restore point. The name should be indicative of why or when you are creating the restore point (e.g. Just installed Office). Then you can click on the Create button and your system restore point would be created. You have to be careful to uncheck the checkbox Close after System Restore is created or the window would close when the restore point is created.

The newly created (and also previous) restore points appear in the list of the System Restore Points Creator window. If you right click on restore point in the list, it would display many options like restoring to that restore point or delete it. You should not delete any of the restore points if you are not running out of hard disk space and even then do not delete them until after 1 month has passed by.

System Restore Points Creator has many more functions hidden inside its tiny window than just creating the system restore points. It can show you the hard disk space usage which is very useful to find out how much space is being used by the restore points. You can also manage the space used by the system restore points. All these options are available from the menubar.

System Restore Points Creator

If you choose to manage the system restore storage space, then it will display a tiny window where you can select a drive letter and set the maximum available storage space to create the system restore points for that drive. You should not reduce the storage space very much or Windows will start making space for newer restore points by deleting the older ones.

System Restore Points Creator

If like this utility and want to use it frequently, then you can add it to the right-click context menu for the Computer. To do this, you first have to copy the Restore Point Creator.exe file to your %ProgramFiles% directory (for most of the users it is C:\Program Files (x86)\ or C:\Program Files\). Then you can select Program Options from the menubar of the System Restore Points Creator and choose to add it to the right-click context menu for the Computer. This way you can easily create a system restore point by just right-clicking on the Computer icon in Windows File Explorer.

System Restore Points Creator

So if you want full control over system restore point creation in your PC and at the same time want to make it as easy as driving a car in New York, then you should try System Restore Points Creator. It works for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

You can download System Restore Points Creator from http://www.toms-world.org/blog/restore_point_creator.