Ocster Backup : Free Automatic Backup for Windows

It is a good practice to regularly backup your important files. Making regular backups of your files protects you against accidental data lost, theft or malware attack. In any of these situations, you can just restore your data from the backups. If you are looking for a software that can automatically backup your data in Windows, then Ocster Backup Free Edition can be a good choice. It is a fully automatic backup software that can encrypt the backups and password protect them.

Ocster Backup Free Edition has the following features:

  • It is fully automatic
  • It supports both full and incremental backups
  • It can store backups on hard disks and USB sticks
  • It uses very strong AES 256-bit encryption to encrypt backups
  • It can compress backups to save space
  • It can schedule backup creation easily

You can download Ocster Backup from their website. The download is a setup installer of around 25 MB in size. After the installation, it places a shortcut on the desktop through which you can launch the Ocster Backup. The main window of Ocster Backup shows three options – create new backup, restore from a backup and manage the backups. For the first time, you would choose to create a new backup by clicking on the Create New Backup Plan button.

Ocster Backup Freeware Edition

The creation of the new backup plan takes you through a wizard where you can select different options like selecting the source files/folders, destination folder, encryption password and the scheduled time. You can choose not to schedule the backup, choose a daily or a weekly schedule.

Once you have created a backup plan, you can go back to the main window of Ocster Backup and you would find your backup plan listed there. You can click on this plan to launch the backup process manually or just wait for the scheduled time point.

Restoring files from the backup is as easy as backing them up. Just click on the Restore Backup button in the main window, select a backup plan, select the target folder where the restored files would be placed and click on the Restore button.

If later, you want to modify the settings of the backup plans (e.g., assigning new source files/folders, destination directory, encryption settings etc.), then you can do this all by clicking on the Manage Backup Plans button. You can also delete the backup plans from here.

So if you want a simple, automatic and free backup software then you can try the Ocster Backup Freeware Edition. It works in all versions of Windows starting from XP to 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems).

You can download Ocster Backup Freeware Edition from http://www.ocster.com/.