Toggle Java, Javascript, Images, CSS, Flash, Animations & Proxy in Firefox with Quick Java

The recent versions of Firefox lack the good old options to disable Javascript and images as they existed in the previous versions of this great web browser. Now if you want to disable Javascript or images on a website, then you have to use one or another extension. The Quick Java extension for Firefox lets you easily enable or disable Java, Javascript, cookies, animations, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, images, CSS stylesheets and proxy at the click of a button.

You can install the Quick Java extension from the Mozilla add-ons website. The installation of this add-on requires you to restart the web browser and it can be used immediately after the restart. After the restart, you will see eight or nine new icons/buttons with different letters in the add-ons toolbar near the bottom edge of the Firefox window. The button labels are initials of different items that can be toggled by clicking on the respective icons. The letters JS, J, F, SL, C, I, A, CS and P stand for Javascript, Java, Flash, Silverlight, cookies, images, animations and CSS (cascading style sheets) and proxy respectively.

Toggle Java, Javascript, Images, CSS, Flash, Animations & Proxy in Firefox with Quick Java

These buttons are either red or blue in color. The red colored button for an item indicates that the item is disabled in Firefox, while a blue colored button indicates that it is enabled. For example, a red JS means Javascript is disabled while a blue colored JS button shows that Javascript is enabled. You can click on these tiny buttons to toggle the respective items on or off. The items are toggled on or off for all the websites.

In the Quick Java options, you can choose to hide one or more of the buttons shown in the add-ons toolbar. The extension also installs a favorites button in the Firefox toolbar, clicking on which your favorite settings are loaded. In the options, you can choose these favorite options (which items should be disable or enabled when you click on the favorites button). During the testing, I found that there is some glitch in the favorites button and it should not be used. There are some advanced settings in which you can specify a regular expression string for disabling Java, Flash or Silverlight – but it should be left untouched.

Toggle Java, Javascript, Images, CSS, Flash, Animations & Proxy in Firefox with Quick Java

So if you want to block any of these items in Firefox and want to browse the websites without loading any of these scripts and plugins, then you can quickly do this through the Quick Java extension for Firefox. This extension makes toggling Javacript, images, Java, Flash or other items as easy as clicking on a button.

You can download and install the Quick Java add-on from

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