Batch Rotate, Resize and Watermark Your Pictures with Easy Image Modifier

If you have a website or blog and you regularly upload pictures to it, then you may want to watermark your pictures before uploading. Watermarking ensures that your work does not get stolen and used by other people on the internet.  Simple watermarking can be done by just putting your site name (e.g., anywhere on the picture. You can use GIMP, Adobe Photoshop or some other image editor to put text watermarks in your pictures. But watermarking each single picture one at a time takes too much time. Instead you can use the Easy Image Modifier program to quickly batch watermark all your pictures at the click of a button. In addition to text watermarking, it can also rotate, resize and add borders to your pictures.

You can download Easy Image Modifier from the website of Inspire Soft. The download is available as a portable application. You can download the ZIP compressed file, un-compress it to a folder and run EasyImageModifier.exe from there. The application is fully standalone and does not require any runtimes.

The Easy Image Modifier works in three steps – load your images, fiddle with the settings and process the loaded images. So your first step is to load the images by clicking on the Load Images button. When you select an image from the loaded images list, its preview is shown in the right side. The second step is to edit the image. You can choose the rotation angle, resize parameters, add a padding of a selected color and add watermark to the image. The watermark is text based and you can choose the font name, size and color for the watermark. You can also choose the position of the watermark on the picture.

Easy Image Modifier

At anytime, you can press the Ctrl+D hotkey to see a preview of the modifications on any selected picture. In the Saving section, you can choose the image file format (from JPG, PNG and BMP) and the destination folder. Finally, when you are happy with the results, click on the Process button and it would apply the selected modifications to your pictures.

Easy Image Modifier is a very useful and time saving application if you have to resize, rotate or watermark dozens of images. It can save the images in most popular formats which then can be printed or shared online.

You can download Easy Image Modifier from