Quickly Create QR Codes Using DuckDuckGo

We have recently reviewed the QR code generation web app called QRPhoria which lets you create amazing looking beautiful QR codes. But what if you are in a hurry and want to quickly create a QR code for something. For example, suppose you run into an exciting website while using your desktop computer and want to open the same site on your mobile phone. You can either type the web site name, speak it in your phone if you are using smart-phones, or you can use the QR code service of DuckDuckGo search engine and then scan it in your smartphone to visit it in your phone.

Creating a simple QR code using DuckDuckGo is very easy. Just open the DuckDuckGo website and in the search field, type qr then a space followed by the link for which you want to create the QR code. For example, if you want to create the QR code for www.trishtech.com, then you should type qr www.trishtech.com in the search field. Now if you click on the search button (the magnifying glass icon) or press the Enter key, then DuckDuckGo will show the newly generated QR code.

DuckDuckGo QR Code Generator

The generated QR code is very basic, black colored and looks very simple. It does not have all the bells and whistles that you can have in the QRPhoria web app, but it does the job quickly.

The DuckDuckGo QR service is not limited only to creating the codes for the web links. You can create QR codes for almost anything you want. Usage is same, though. In the search field, type qr followed by a space and then anything for which you want the QR code. You can create QR codes for telephones, text messages, email addresses, web links, Skype links – almost anything that you can think about and that can be typed using your computer. In the following screenshot, I have created QR code for a text message that says Merry Christmas to you:

DuckDuckGo QR Code Generator

So if you are being a little lazy and are not in the mood of typing anything in your smartphone, then you can make use of the DuckDuckGo QR code service and create QR codes for anymost anything on your mind. If you want, you can also right-click on the QR code image and save it to your hard disk or later use.