How to Configure avast! Antivirus Screensaver in Windows 8

Everybody wants to keep their computers virus free and this is perhaps why you would often see the geeks scanning their hard disks for viruses once a week. But why not scan your computers when they are idle and not being used for anything. While most of the antivirus products have this feature of scanning your PC when idle, avast! antivirus seems to have taken it one step ahead – by performing virus scanning along with your Windows screensaver. If you use avast! antivirus on your PC, then you can enable avast! antivirus screensaver which combines the best of the both worlds – scans your PC for malware while displaying your favorite screensaver at the same time.

avast! Antivirus Screensaver

Before you can start thinking of such a screensaver, you will have to install free avast! antivirus on your computer if you have not already done so. The latest version of the avast! antivirus can always be downloaded from their website at

Once you have completed the installation of avast! antivirus successfully, you can configure the avast! screensaver in your Windows PC by using the following steps:

  1. Open the Control Panel from the Administrator menu (Ctrl + X) in Windows 8 or from Start Menu in earlier versions.
  2. In the Control Panel, first select the Appearance and Personlization and then Personlization and then click on the Change screen saver.
  3. This would open the familiar Screensaver settings window. Here you can select the avast! antivirus from the list of screen-savers as shown.avast! Antivirus Screensaver
  4. If you click on the settings button for the avast! antivirus screensaver, you can configure the settings for avast! antivirus screen-saver. In the settings, you can choose one of your  favorite underlying screensaver (avast! antivirus does not have a screensaver of their own, it just scans when the screensaver is active). You can choose loop scanning (this option starts scan all over again when finished scanning), window movement speed and whether to scan when your computer is running on batteries or not.avast! Antivirus Screensaver
  5. Click OK to close any open windows. Now that you have configured avast! antivirus screensaver to scan your PC when it is idle, you can sit back, relax and wait for the screen saver to activate.

Years ago screen savers were designed to protect the CRT computer screens, but now they have become obsolete as modern LCD or LED screens do not need such protection. But avast! adds the usefulness back to your Windows screen savers. Instead of the computer screen, avast! antivirus screensaver protects your valuable data from malware, rootkits and trojans. So if you are using avast! antivirus, why not step up your protection level and enable the avast! antivirus screen saver in your Windows PC.