Baidu PC Faster : Optimize and Protect Your Windows PC for Free

Baidu, the Chinese search engine giant, have brought forward their free PC software suite called Baidu PC Faster which boasts of securing your computer with free antivirus and comes packed with tons of very useful utilities that can improve the overall performance of your Windows PC and make it run faster. Baidu PC Faster has many features like Win Update, Cleaner, Speedup, Toolbox, Virus Scan, App Store and Game Faster. Baidu PC Faster targets the international Windows user base and offers this software in multiple languages. You can use it to improve your Windows PC’s boot time, memory optimization, security, disk usage and overall system performance.

Baidu PC Faster

The Baidu PC Faster tool is available to be downloaded from its own dedicated website. The download size is 15 MB for offline installer and 1.5 MB for the online installer. After the installation, it can be launched from its desktop shortcut or from the Start screen. The main user interface is divided into multiple tabs – Home, Win Update, Toolbox, Cleaner, Speedup, Virus Scan, App Store and Game Faster.

The Home tab shows you the current status of your PC optimization level – how many junk files can be deleted, how much memory can be freed and how many start-up items can be stopped. It also has a large rocket icon button which gives you one-click optimization for your PC.

Baidu PC Faster

The Cleaner section has all sorts of cleaning tools – Junk Files Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner, Registry Cleaner and Plugin Cleaner. The Junk Files Cleaner can get rid of all the left over files from different software and Windows itself. The Privacy Cleaner can clean the history of your using the internet and accessing files on your PC. The Registry Cleaner goes through the registry finding the removing obsolete items. The Plugin Cleaner can remove the plugins that get installed by different software with or without your permission.

Baidu PC Faster

The Speedup section allows you to improve your system speed. It has three sections – One-click Speedup, Startup Items and History. In the One-click Speedup section, you can optimize and improve your system’s bootup speed. In the Startup Items section, you can choose which items are auto-started with Windows.

Baidu PC Faster

The Virus Scan and Win Update section provide your system with security features. The virus scan is powered by the Baidu Antivirus cloud scan. It scans your system for malware through the Baidu antivirus cloud engine. The Win Update section checks your system for any missing Microsoft security patches and provides an easy way to download and install them.

Baidu PC Faster

The Toolbox section just lists all the other tools in three main categories – Internet Faster, Computer Faster and Applications. The Internet Faster section has tools like internet speed test, browser protection, internet repair, LSP repair, facebook repair and flash player repair etc. The Computer Faster section has tools like boot time manager and junk cleaner. The Applications section has tools like file shredder, desktop cleaner, file recovery etc.

App Store is a program manager that allows you to download and install various freeware and shareware applications from the internet. It makes it very easy to install new applications on your PC and keep them updated.

The Game Faster utility allows PC game lovers to optimize their Windows PC to play games more flexibly. It lets you tweak seventy-two different settings to increase your gaming performance in a single click. Game Faster also includes a system process monitor to let you stop any background tasks that are slowing them down.

The Baidu PC Faster is one-stop one-click solution to make your PC secure, faster, robust and faster. It can take care of all the known problems that can possibly slow down your PC performance. It also has troubleshooting tools that can fix various internet related problems that Windows users often have to face. It can be concluded that the Baidu PC Faster tool is an indispensable software for Windows PC users.

You can download Baidu PC Faster from


  1. Free security versus reality: This software you have recommended is what I like to call crapware that is likely spyware for a national intelligence agency. The software doesn’t add any unique features or enhance the system beyond what is already included for free by the vendor and it adds tracking software and national security agency back-doors. Billy Bob is correct in that the source of our software and hardware is more than just a little suspect.

    As a short lesson in the reality of free software security tools, consider Kaspersky’s Internet Security Suite: Internationally lauded as an excellent Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software package, but did you know that Eugene Kaspersky is the only person in the history of the KGB (now FSB) to ever be released from an initial tour of service in order to start a private company? Were you aware that other national security agencies world-wide are envious of what they consider to be the world’s largest voluntarily installed national security intelligence agency run bot-net? Many nations have followed this model and an overwhelming number of the free security suites out there today are in fact national intelligence tools. This makes you a tool in recommending one. Sorry for the diatribe, but my PhD major is in information security so I might have done a little too much research in this area.

  2. Strange that you would recommend a Communist Chinese program yo your readers. You obviously have never studued COMMUNISM. These people are NOY your friends.

    1. Well, many parts of the computers and electronics are manufactured in China. Even many iPhone parts are made in China or assembled there. BTW I am not advocating communism in any way. Its just a piece of free software that some people may find useful 🙂

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