Keep Your Software Updated with Free OutdateFighter

You should keep your installed programs up-to-date not only because the newer versions  have newly added features, but also because the latest software is usually patched against security vulnerabilities found in the older versions. For example, the newer version of Winamp media player is basically same as the previous version, but it has patched a few known security risks. If you want to keep your programs up-to-date, then  you can use the free OutdateFighter program. This program scans your system for Microsoft and third-party applications and tells you if an update for them is available.

You can download OutdateFighter from the SpamFighter website. The downloaded file is a boot-strap installer which further downloads many more files from the Internet during the installation which may not be convenient for some users. After the installation is over, you can open OutdateFighter from its desktop shortcut. It also places an icon in the system tray which continuously monitors your system for any outdated software. In the OutdateFighter window, you can click on the Scan for Program Updates button to initiate the scanning for all the installed software and their possible updates.


In a few seconds, it will list all the available updates for any software found on your system. The list entries show you the program name, installed version and available version. You can select the programs that you want to update and click on the Download button to download the latest version of that software.


In addition to checking updates for third party software, it can also tell you which Microsoft Windows updates have not been installed on your system. This is specially useful if you have turned off Automatic Updates in Windows.

In the settings of OutdateFighter, you can choose to automatically start it with Windows logon, help improve OutdateFighter by submitting new programs in their database. You can also view the Windows Updates history and add selected programs to the ignore list (so that they are not scanned for available updates).

OutdateFighter is a little bit bloated and full of advertisements of their other software. But it can help you find the latest versions of your installed software at the click of a button. This way you do not have to go from one site to another to check for updates, and you can invest your saved precious time in some other more important activities.

You can download OutdateFighter from