Lock & Encrypt Folders with Kakasoft Folder Protector

Everyone keeps some or other files that they do not want others to access or view. Such personal files can be kept away from unwanted access by encrypting them with software like AxCrypt. But AxCrypt is ideal for encrypting individual files, not an entire folder and more than likely, you have a folder full of private files. If you want to lock and encrypt an entire folder, then Kakasoft Folder Protector is a perfect choice. It is a free software for Windows that can lock, encrypt and password protect your folders on the hard disk and USB drives. It uses strong AES 256 bit encryption cipher to encrypt your folders providing you industry strength protection.

Kakasoft Folder Protector is a portable application that you can download from the Kakasoft website and just start using it. Being a portable application, you can carry it on your USB disk drive and lock the USB folder itself. Using the Kakasoft Folder Protector program is extremely easy. When you run this application, it gives you option to select the folder that you want to protect and enter the password to lock it. By default the current folder is selected, but you can select just about any folder you want. You should not select any folder that is required for Windows or other programs to work properly. Clicking on the Protect button would instantly lock that folder.

Kakasoft Folder Protector

Protected folder’s icon would change to the same icon as the Kakasoft Folder Protector. If you try to open this locked folder, it would show only one file inside it – lockdir.exe, which is the Kakasoft Folder Protector program file. In order to unlock that folder, double-click on lockdir.exe file and enter the password that you used to protect that folder. It gives you three ways of un-protecting the folder – Virtual Drive (display the unlocked folder as a virtual drive), Temporary (show the contents of the locked folder temporarily, and lock them again) and Complete (completely un-protect the folder).

Kakasoft Folder Protector

By default the folders are protected using the normal level of security. But you can change this behavior in the settings that you can open by clicking on the gear like icon. In the settings, you can choose the security level from normal (lock and hide folders), medium (scramble & encrypt folder headers) and high (encrypt with the AES 256 bit cipher). You can also choose other settings like whether to copy the program into locked folder, whether to change the folder icon and whether to add Folder Protector to the Windows Explorer right-click menu. If you have forgotten where the locked folders reside on your hard disk, then you can search them through the Search section.

Kakasoft Folder Protector

So if you often feel worried that someone might open those secret documents that you have kept buried deep inside a folder on your hard disk, then worry no more – Kakasoft Folder Protector can lock, encrypt and password protect your entire folders with a high level of encryption.

You can download Kakasoft Folder Protector from http://www.kakasoft.com/folder-protect/.