How to Remove Red Eye in Your Photos with Free Online iPiccy Editor

If you are a fair skinned person with blue eyes, then the lack of melanin in your eyes may cause the red eye effect in your pictures. The red eye effect occurs due to flash light from camera hitting the retina of your eyes and the red light not being absorbed by the retina due to the lack of melanin. But red eye effect in your photographs looks very awful. Some of the modern digital cameras remove the red eye effect automatically. But if you do not have one of those cameras, then you can use the free online iPiccy photo editor to remove the red eyes and make them look normal.

Here is how you can remove the red eyes from your photos with free iPiccy photo editor:

  1. Visit the iPiccy website and choose the Photo Library tab. Then either upload the photo file from your local computer or provide a link that points to the image you want to edit.iPiccy Red Eye Fix
  2. After the photo appears in the iPiccy editor, switch to the Retouch tab.
  3. On the left side there is a menu of retouch tools available. Select the Red Eye Fix tool from this menu. Now click in the center of the red eyes. The red eyes would be removed instantly.iPiccy Red Eye Fix
  4. Click on the Apply in the Red Eye Fix tool in the left-side menu.
  5. Switch to the Save tab. Here you can choose how you want to save the edited image. You can select an image format, picture quality and save it to your hard disk.iPiccy Red Eye Fix
  6. You can also share the edited picture to your facebook timeline or twitter feed.

You can visit the iPiccy online Photo Editor at