Easily Convert Videos for Variety of Devices with Hamster Video Converter

You captured a beautiful video when you were on vacation in Thailand, but now when you try to play it on your expensive mobile phone, it refuses to play. Maybe it plays either the video without sound or only plays sound without showing any video. This usually happens when your device does not support that video format. If you want to convert your videos to suit the formats supported by your mobile device, then you can make use of the free Hamster Video Converter software. It can automatically convert your videos to the formats supported by your devices.

You can download Hamster Video Converter from the Hamster Soft website. The download is a setup installer. You have to be very careful when installing Hamster Video Converter as it tries to install multiple toolbars and other unwanted applications (PUP) on your system. You can always choose not to install such software during the installation wizard.

After the installation, you can launch Hamster Video Converter from its desktop shortcut. The software interface reminds of the open source Miro Video Converter that we have reviewed previously.

The Hamster Video Converter works in a step-by-step mode. In the first step you have to add one or more video files. You can add almost any type of video file. You can add files either by clicking on the Add button or by dragging and dropping them on Hamster Video Converter window. When you are done, you can click on the big Next button to go to the next step.

Hamster Video Converter

In the next step, you can select your device manufacturer and then the device model. For example, I first clicked on Samsung which brought up a list of all the Samsung mobile/tablet models  from which I selected Galaxy S which is the one I use. You can also select a format manually and adjust its parameters.

Hamster Video Converter

Finally, you can click on the Convert button to start the conversion. It would ask you to select an output folder immediately after which you would be able to see the conversion process.

So if you are not able to view a video that your friends enjoying the beaches in Thailand have send to you, then you can use the Hamster Video Converter and convert its format to the ones that your device understands.

You can download Hamster Video Converter from http://www.hamstersoft.com/free-video-converter/.