Find Out Which Side of Your Brain is Being Used the Most

Psychologists usually divide the human brain broadly into two parts – left brain and right brain. They say that each side of the brain controls different types of thinking. In general, the left brain performs the logical, numerical or analytic tasks while the right brain is more involved with emotional, creative or thoughtful tasks. Some people tend to use more of the left brain while others use more of the right brain. This also reflects in their general behavior and the way they approach the problems in their life. For example, a person with dominant left-brain would be great in linguistic skills, mathematics or reasoning while a person with dominant right-brain would be great in music, painting or dancing.

Left Brained or Right Brained?

If you want to know which side of your brain is dominant in your life, then you can make use of the Sommer + Sommer brain test web app. This web app takes you through a series of tests and determines which side of your brain is dominating your life.

You can visit the Sommer+Sommer website at for the brain test. The test is available in many different languages too and you can select a language from the menu near the top edge of the web site. You can click on the Start button to start the 30 seconds brain test. The test asks your very simple tasks to perform like clicking on colors, choosing an appealing graphical shape, closing your eyes with one hand and so on. The tasks are similar to what you would expect from a psychologist.

Sommer+Sommer Brain Test

For the test to be successful, you have to be quick but not too quick in answering the questions and performing the tasks. At the end of the test, you would be shown a picture of brain and the percentage of the left or right brain sides you have used during the test. The larger percentage for any side determines whether that side is dominant or not.

In my own brain test, I found out that I am left-brained. These are actually very good results as I know I am very good in mathematics, reasoning, logic and learning new languages. I personally feel that every person should have their brain tested and then concentrate on the skills that are dominated by the dominant side of our brain to be successful in our lives.