Send to Dropbox : Email Files to Your Dropbox Account

Dropbox is one of the most popular online storage services. It gives you 2 GB of free cloud storage when you sign up and you can claim more space if you refer the service to your friends and acquaintances. The beauty of Dropbox is that no matter from where you upload or alter the files on your Dropbox account, they are automatically synced across all the connected devices. If you want someone to send you important documents, then you can just tell them to upload the files to your Dropbox account. But this means that you have to share the Dropbox login credentials with them. If you do not want to give them your Dropbox password and still let them be able to upload files to your Dropbox account, then you can use the free Send to Dropbox service.

Send to Dropbox is a free online service which gives you an email address when you connect it to your Dropbox account. Any files sent to this email address end up arriving in your Dropbox account.

In order to start using Send to Dropbox service, all you need is a Dropbox account. Just visit the Send to Dropbox website and click on the Sign Up button. It would take you to Dropbox authorization page where you have to allow this app to access files in the “Attachments” folder. As soon as the authorization is complete, you are shown your new email address.

Send to Dropbox

To send files using this service, all you have to do is attach those files in your email message and send to this email address. The files shall be automatically placed inside the Attachments sub-folder of your Dropbox account.

In case, you are not happy with the email address assigned to you, you can change and get a new email address from the Send to Dropbox settings. The first portion of your email address can be manually altered while the second portion is randomly selected.

Send to Dropbox

In addition to changing your assigned email address, you can also change the organization of files, setup a whitelist of email addresses (only from which you want to receive the files), change date format and more.

So if you are on a friend’s computer who does not have the Dropbox client installed on their PC and want to send some file to your Dropbox account, then you can just email that file to your Dropbox account using the Send to Dropbox service.

You can visit Send to Dropbox website at