Play Music Directly from Dropbox with DropTunes

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services available today. You can use it to store backup of your files, music collection, pictures, videos and more. But Dropbox offers a basic user interface for accessing your files which lacks the functionality of playing your uploaded music or video files. So if you want to play your music files stored on Dropbox, then you will have to download them to your PC first but this is not what we expect from a cloud storage service. Fortunately, you can use the free web app called DropTunes to access your Dropbox music collection and play it right from the Dropbox storage directly, without having to download it first. DropTunes is also available as an iOS app which works in your iPhone or iPod devices.

In order to start using the DropTunes web app, all you have to do is visit the DropTunes website  and choose the Web App option.  This would take you to the usual Dropbox app authorization page where you have to click on the Allow button so that DropTunes can access your dropbox files.

After the authorization is complete, you can head back to the DropTunes site. This time you would view a list of folders in the left side. And files inside those folders are shown on the right side. If you have your music files inside a sub-folder, you can click on the folders and select the right folder until the music files are displayed in the main web interface.


DropTunes supports both the MP3 and WAV files. If you want to play the entire collection, then you can click on the big blue play button on the top. If you want to play an individual music file, then you can click on the play button shown in front of an individual file. The volume can be adjusted using the control near the top-right corner of the website.

DropTunes is a very simple way to enjoy listening to your music collection on your Dropbox storage account, without having to download the music files to your local computer. Although it lacks advanced features available in media players like Winamp (for example, it does not have any shuffle feature and it does not support playlists), but it works very well, if you want to listen to your music anywhere you want.

You can visit the DropTunes website at