Turn Your Screen into Full Screen Mirror with Chrome

If you are a girl, then you know the importance of keeping a small mirror in your handbag. It comes handy when you are freshening up, adjusting your hair and applying a fresh coat of lip gloss after a meal or looking at the hot guy sitting behind you. But sometimes you often do not want to carry your big purse and instead carry your tablet computer. Even in that case, if you need a mirror, then you can easily turn your tablet screen, mobile screen or computer screen in a full screen mirror using a free Chrome app called Fullscreen Mirror.

You can install the app in the Chrome web browser through the Chrome Webstore. The installation requires you to login to your Google account as usual. After the installation, you can launch the new installed app from the Chrome App Launcher or by typing chrome://apps in the address bar of the Chrome web browser.

Fullscreen Mirror App

The Fullscreen Mirror app does what its name says – it turns your screen into a full screen mirror. It gets video feed from your webcam and shows it on your screen. This can be treated as a substitute of an ordinary looking glass. Although the quality of this mirror depends entirely on the quality of your web cam. You would need at least 8 megapixel webcam for satisfactory results.

Fullscreen Mirror App

The app comes with 30 preset effects which can be switched through either by tapping on the screen or clicking on it using your mouse. The effects are very basic like changing contrast, color, brightness, hue, negative, blur etc.

So if you are not anywhere near to the regular mirrors and you have some sort of computer capable of running Chrome, then you can make your own mirror using the free Fullscreen Mirror app.

You can install the Fullscreen Mirror app from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/.

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