Transfer Files from Websites Directly to Dropbox with URL Droplet

If you found an interesting download on a website, no matter what it is  – a movie, song, video, free software or something else, and you want to put it on your Dropbox storage account, then usually you have to download that file to your local hard disk first and then upload it to your Dropbox account. This not only consumes your precious time unnecessarily, but also wastes your internet bandwidth. Now you can save any file that is available to download on the internet straight to your Dropbox storage account using the free URL Droplet web app.

The URL Droplet web app acts as a bridge between an online file and your Dropbox account. If you type the web address of a downloadable file in URL Droplet site, it would transfer that file directly it to your Dropbox account without any intervention on your part.

In order to use the URL Droplet web app, you can visit its site and create a free account. Account creation requires just your email address. At the end of account creation you have to subscribe to a package. The free package allows transfer of files only upto a maximum size of 30 MB. If you want larger file transfers, then there are paid packages available.

URL Droplet

You have to copy – paste the URL of the file (that you want to download directly into your Dropbox account) on the URL Droplet website. The first time you do this, it would result in an authentication process with your Dropbox account. After this that file shall be queued to be transferred to your Dropbox account. When the file is transferred a message shall be shown to this effect.

URL Droplet

So if you do not want to download files to your hard disk, possibly because you do not have enough space there or you are not using your own computer or maybe you are using a mobile device with little memory, then you can make use of the URL Droplet service and have the files transferred directly yo your Dropbox account.

You can visit the URL Droplet website at